Graffiti control for beautiful looking buildings 

The more accessable, more visible, and the easier a target, the greater the temptation to graffiti sprayers to vandalize a building. Evonik offers a sustainable antigraffiti system that repels graffiti and aids the removal.

Studies have shown the longer the graffiti remains visible on the building, the greater becomes the reaccurance of graffiti attacks. To further prevent reaccurance graffiti should be removed in a way, that returns the building to its pre-graffiti appearance. Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® helps achieve these two goals.

On a building treated with Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI®, it’s the vandal who becomes frustrated. Colors do not adhere, the paint runs, and the desired result cannot be achieved. Many sprayers give up their attack. But even if the picture or the “tag,” a short signature, is placed, removal is easy. When the surface has been protected with Protectosil®, the paint or felt-tipmarker can be removed with little effort quickly. Even ugly tags can be easily removed by using green graffiti removal products. This combination of efficient protection and quick reaction is an important factor in discouraging further graffiti attacks.


  • Almost VOC-free
  • Withstands repeated cleaning cycles
  • UV-resistant
  • Repels paints and markers
  • Non glossy
  • Independently certified as a green product


Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® is an aqueous, almost VOC-free silane system that protects porous mineral building material surfaces from graffiti.

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