Invisible protective systems ensure an intact building structure

The wide spectrum of Protectosil® building protection products enables you to choose the optimal product or product combination for almost every type of application and substrates like concrete, brick, natural stone, split-face block, sand, limestone, marble granite etc. Learn more about Protectosil® in the different applications!

Buildings remain unaffected with Protectosil®

Brick masonry, concrete, limestone, concrete masonry units or many other facade materials - there is a Protectosil® product right for the job! Many environmentally friendly products complete our product range.

Never again collapsed bridges with Protectosil®

For over 30 years Protectosil® products have been extending the service life of bridges. For new, existing or rehabilitated bridges - there is a Protectosil® product for you! Just order your sample.

Protectosil® for safer maneuvering in parking garages

Repairing parking garages is very expensive and inconvenient for tenants. Protectosil® products protect your garage from corrosion, freeze-thaw damage and other problems.

Sidewalks and other structures last for a long time

Patios, sidewalks, marine structures, subway stations, any mineral based material can benefit from a Protectosil® product treatment. We provide you exactly the product you are looking for! Enjoy here learning more about Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI®.