Protectosil® - the perfect solution for long-term investment

In the field of building protection silanes give the materials a special degree of durability and resistance. And this is done without having an adverse effect on the function or major changes in the aesthetics of the building material. With various Protectosil® products, a perfect solution for almost every requirement can be realized – a solution which makes successful long-term investment possible. 

Water repellents prevent the entry of moisture

Protectosil® products protect concrete and masonry from the damaging effects of water. Problems such as wind driven rain, acid rain attack, freeze-thaw deterioration, salt burst etc. can be prevented.

Protectosil® corrosion control makes bridges safer

Protectosil® corrosion control products (Protectosil® CIT, Protectosil® Dry CIT), can prevent or reduce corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete. The products can be used on parking garages, bridges, buildings, balconies, piers etc.

Easy-to-clean: a perfect score for the aesthetics of surfaces

Aesthetics of a building is just as important as its durability. Pollutants and water can stain an otherwise attractive facade. Protectosil® easy-to- clean products provide both a water and oil repellent surface, which means less effort in keeping your building clean.

Protectosil® removes undesired graffiti

Stopping graffiti vandals from attacking your property requires a zero tolerance approach. Only quick, consistent and complete removal discourages "tagging". With Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® you can keep graffiti in check. Only Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® combines easy removal with the ability to repel paints and markers making the vandals job harder.

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