Press release
November 29, 2013

Protectosil® Degadeck® CSS - New Crack Sealer for Concrete

Evonik announces a new addition to the Protectosil® product line

Excellent crack penetration - cures within two hours 

When the liquid resin (Protectosil® Degadeck® CSS) is combined with the hardening powder (Protectosil® CSS BPO), a rapid polymerization occurs allowing the product to quickly harden and thus, be opened to vehicular and pedestrian traffic within two hours of application. The low viscosity and low surface tension of Protectosil® Degadeck® CSS provides excellent penetration into the concrete, sealing cracks ranging in size from hairline up to 1/8" (3mm). 

Extends service life of concrete structures 

Fully cured, Protectosil® Degadeck® CSS creates a barrier which prevents the ingress of water and chloride ions from entering the substrate and causing premature deterioration. Excellent adhesion and strength characteristics ensure for long lasting performance, extending the service life of concrete structures. 

Protectosil® building protection products - a name you can trust 

Protectosil® Degadeck® CSS is designed for use on concrete bridge decks, parking garages, pedestrian walkways and other concrete structures including cast-in-place, pre-cast and high strength concrete. This product is compatible with our full range of Protectosil® water repellents and corrosion inhibitors.

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