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Protectosil® BHN

To protect environment and structures

Our water repellent Protectosil® BHN has proved itself through its outstanding high degree of sustainability.

Environmental and climate protection are an important part of our business philosophy

Protectosil® BHN is a solvent-free and therefore environmentally friendly product. Resource efficiency is not just a quality objective for the experts of the Silanes’ building protection market segment but an ongoing process that must be continuously optimized in close alignment with customers and market requirements.

Requests for eco-friendly products has risen sharply over the last few years particularly in the building sector, due to high resource requirements.

While building materials differ widely, they all have one thing in common: moisture is the worst enemy of buildings. Water, and the pollutants dissolved in it, penetrate without difficulty through the porous structure of the mineral building materials and thus, over time the structure is substantially damaged.

The highly effective water repellent, Protectosil® BHN, developed by Evonik protects mineral based building materials from the ingress of water and water-soluble pollutants in exterior applications.

Protectosil® BHN has more to offer than its unique advantages as a clear, deep penetrating, breathable water repellent treatment. Building protection water repellents like Protectosil® BHN help significantly reduce maintenance and energy costs for concrete infrastructure buildings such as bridges, parking structures, port facilities and tunnels. They extend the life time of buildings considerably, thus reducing maintenance cycles.


A large number of structures all over the world, such as Switzerland’s Attinghauser Bridge, the Ala Moana Shopping Center in Hawaii, and the Danish Storebaelt Bridge have been successfully protected for over 25 years against damage and premature deterioration with Protectosil® BHN. The quay wall of the new Zeebrugge container terminal in Belgium is protected against tidal effects by Protectosil® BHN, and as a result the service life is expected to exceed 100 years.