Protectosil® CHEM-TRETE® 40 D

Protectosil® CHEM-TRETE® 40 D is a clear, penetrating, breathable water repellent and consolidant for use on exterior above-grade calcareous stone such as limestone and marble, brick masonry and natural stones.

The product penetrates the surface and bonds chemically to the substrate, resulting in permanent attachment of the water repellent molecule. Protectosil® CHEM-TRETE® 40 D is not a coating and as a result will not change the surface appearance of the substrate. By reducing the amount of water that enters the substrate, Protectosil® CHEM-TRETE® 40 D reduces the intrusion of water-borne contaminants such as acid rain, dirt and pollutants. It also reduces the deteriorating effects of these contaminants, such as spalling, deicer scaling, efflorescence, subflorescence, leaching and staining.

Main benefit

  • Excellent long-term protection for limestone and marble