Protectosil® BHN

The main deterioration mechanism for concrete decks is corrosion and scaling due to deicing products. Protectosil® BHN is eco-certified and penetrates deeply into the building structure to provide long service life even on wearing surfaces. Because it does not change the skid or slip resistance of concrete, it is ideal for driving surfaces like parking and bridge decks.

A clear, penetrating, breathable VOC-compliant surface treatment for use on concrete. The unique 100% silane treatment (no solvent) penetrates the substrate and chemically bonds with silica to form a permanent attachment of the water repellent molecule. Creates a deep hydrophobic layer that prevents water and water-borne contaminants from entering the substrate and causing premature deterioration. By combining low surface tension with a tailored rate of reaction, Protectosil® BHN is able to move through the moisture boundary layer that lines the pore structure of the substrate. This permits the development of uniform gradient permeation — a consistent level of protection throughout the entire depth of penetration — allowing for longer treatment life, especially on wearing surfaces.

Main benefits

  • Low VOC
  • Low-temperature application (20°F)
  • Low-temperature application (20°F)
  • Excellent long-term chloride screening on wearing surfaces (bridge decks, parking decks)