Protectosil® AQUA-TRETE® SG

This product is a clear, breathable, almost VOC-free treatment for concrete, brick, concrete masonry units, tiles, EFIS, pavers, natural stone, paint and other building materials.

Protectosil® AQUA-TRETE® SG is a multifunctional system that provides superior water and stain resistance and also performs as a sacrificial antigraffiti coating. The primary function of Protectosil® AQUA-TRETE® SG is to repel water- and oilbased materials that cause staining, thereby making cleaning easier.

The unique multifunctional chemistry makes the Protectosil® AQUA-TRETE® SG inherently UV- stable. This feature allows longer surface repellency than offered by competing technologies. Protectosil® AQUA-TRETE® SG decreases these problems such as dirt buildup, staining and graffiti tagging.

The sacrificial antigraffiti properties protect surfaces from different types of graffiti, including spray paint, permanent markers, ink, bituminous paints, and other water- or solvent-borne paints. By reducing the ingress of contaminants and graffiti, Protectosil® AQUA-TRETE® SG prevents any adverse change in the surface appearance of the substrate. The natural moisture vapor transmission remains unaffected, leaving treated surfaces fully breathable and eliminating problems caused by entrapped moisture, including blushing and freeze-thaw damage to the substrate.