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Evonik made a contribution to each of the reference buildings presented in the photo gallery at the top of this page. Especially in the case of bridges and roads that must be financed by public funds, is a real need for restructuring requirement. Protectosil® helps prevent damage to the building structure, leading to save repair, maintenance and energy costs. Protectosil® products extend the service life of our public infrastructure.

Sustainable and successful – Our competencies in the field of building protection are manifold

With products under the brand Protectosil® Evonik Resource Efficiency has developed a sustainable and forward-looking product range for building protection purposes. Sustainability and responsible handling of resources are becoming increasingly important in building protection, as in other areas. The development and use of environmentally compatible products like the eco-certified Protectosil® BHN is a fundamental aspect of Evonik’s business philosophy.

Our skills cover a large variety of applications such as corrosion control, essential for the stability of infrastructure buildings like bridges or tunnels and water-repellent impregnation of mineral substrates. Since humidity is the major enemy of the building material. Furthermore, we offer numerous products for the protection of surfaces, including the right product shielding buildings against external impact factors like pollution by graffiti or harmful environmental and weathering influences. Buildings, monuments, parking garages and bridges are threatened by increasing degradation.

Particularly in the case of bridges that have to resist growing traffic volumes, the deterioration is critical. Silane-based corrosion inhibitor systems like Protectosil® CIT help protect against corrosion. The product suppresses the corrosion mechanism and is even suitable for repairing structures that have already been affected.

We have developed a series of products like Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® and Protectosil® SC, designed to meet the particular requirements in the area of graffiti control and surface protection. Whether algae, moss, coffee or tea or graffiti attacks our product guarantee excellent results, are almost VOC-free and easy to apply.

Building structures made of natural stones become brittle quickly due to natural forces whereby stones considerably lose in strength. In addition, our Protectosil® SH products form a protective network in the interior of the material, optimizing its stability.