Protectosil® protects the infrastructure of bridges

Infrastructure projects, such as bridges, can especially benefit due to reduced need for future roadwork, which results in less traffic and cost to maintain the structure. Bridges, especially the deck surface, are subjected to harsher conditions than other building structures.

Protectosil® CIT and Protectosil® DRY CIT

Heavy use of deicer salts, proximity to salt water, freeze-thaw conditions and vehicular traffic accelerate damage. High- performance products are necessary to combat these tough conditions. The scientifically proven corrosion control makes Protectosil® CIT the product of choice for suppressing the corrosion mechanism. It protects steel reinforced concrete structures like bridges against rust, increasing their service life considerably, right from the start. The virtually solvent-free product is also suitable for repairing structures that have already been affected by corrosion. Protectosil® DRY CIT is a solid mass modifier for corrosion protection of concrete. The product is easily dispersible, highly temperature stable, requires no special after-treatment and forms a water vapor-permeable barrier against water-soluble harmful substances. The cost of the protective treatment is not just the material price, but includes application labor, lane closure and retreat time. Protectosil® products for bridges are extremely cost effective, because:

  • Easy spray on application
  • Fast dry time
  • Can be applied down to 20°F/ -7°C
  • 10+ years retreatment time
  • Mitigates ASR
  • Seals microcracks

Protectosil® BHN

Protectosil® BHN, an eco-certified efficient water repellent can prolong structure service life by up to approximatively 100 years. Reduction of water uptake is important where weather and mechanical stress is high. Bridges have to endure harshest climatic phenomena. The product reaches very high penetration depth and is specially suited for the water-repellent impregnation of mineral construction materials in outdoor areas.

The video shows how Protectosil® protects bridges and other steel reinforced concrete structures from corrosion.