Evonik's DEGAROUTE® in Dubai's Roads
Evonik's DEGAROUTE® in Dubai's Roads

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Safer Road in the Emirates with Evonik’s DEGAROUTE®

RTA uses DEGAROUTE® based road markings in key highways across the Emirates

Road Markings are not just lines across the street, they are guidelines for every citizen, pedestrians and drivers, and they should be implemented in a way that is functional in all the environmental conditions, whether it is raining or getting dark.

Road safety is becoming a far more essential topic than it has ever been. People mostly take those lines for granted, however there is a functional lifetime for each road marking based on the materials used, ensuring a specific level of performance and sustainability.

“Road markings are much more than just white or yellow lines. They significantly improve road safety but only if they are visible, functional and present. In the Middle East, the currently used road marking systems often crack, soften and turn black relatively fast due to the high temperatures. Little rain makes them less effective, especially in pedestrian areas,” said Peter Reinhard, Vice President Middle East, Africa & India for the Coating & Adhesive Resins Business Line at Evonik.

Contrary to the traditionally used hot melt products, Evonik’s DEGAROUTE® is based on cold plastic technology that offers superior quality. This innovative solution is more durable in both hot and cold weather applications, offers excellent adhesion to concrete and asphalt as well as optimal visibility especially in challenging conditions like rainy and foggy seasons as well as an anti-skid feature.

Road and transport authorities always work to implement the best safety standards and to ensure an enhanced mobility for their citizens. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), PRISMO Gulf, a contractor for road and bridge maintenance and street rehabilitation, and Evonik collaborated with Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) for a set of trials using DEGAROUTE® based road marking in October 2013 that was followed by a second round in June 2016. The new road markings rolled-out with a pilot project at Al Ain and several other key high ways across the city.

DEGAROUTE® is not only better in terms of safety and durability, it is also good for the environment because road markings with greater longevity can make a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection.