A water-borne breathable, antigraffiti treatment for use on concrete, brick, concrete masonry units and natural stone

Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® protects surfaces to allow easy removal of a wide variety of graffiti, including spray paint, permanent marker, ink, bituminous paints, asphalt sealers, and other solvent or water-borne paints.


Because of the superior performance of Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI®, standard non hazardous cleaners and low-pressure water blasting are sufficient removal methods for most graffiti. Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® is breathable and will not alter the natural appearance of the substrate. These properties make the product ideal for masonry walls. 

Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® is based on silane chemistry. It will chemically bond to the substrate. This allows the material to undergo many cleaning cycles before retreatment is necessary. Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® is especially suited for application when solvent-borne products are not acceptable, as in states that have VOC regulations for AIM coatings. Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® is VOC compliant in all 50 states.