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Effective and durable with protectosil®
Roadwork,  Protectosil® AQUA-TRETE® 40

Private and public buildings have to be considered in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Office buildings, housing, government offices, shopping malls, all need to be protected and maintained. Protectosil® building protection products are designed to help maintain the appearance of building facades, walkways, patios, interior floors and walls. Protection against man made and natural influences such as water staining, moss, algea, mildew, soot, oil and food stains can be reduced.

Protectosil® AQUA-TRETE® SG repels water and oil based materials that cause staining, thereby making cleaning easier.

main benefits
  • Almost VOC-free

  • Effective on vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • UV-resistant

  • Mitigates silica rundown on windows

  • Keeps your building dry

This Video shows how protectosil® sc concentrate works

This product is a clear, breathable, almost VOC-free treatment for concrete, brick, concrete masonry units, tiles, EFIS, pavers, natural stone, paint and other building materials.

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