Protectosil® DRY CIT - even for thin concrete cover

Protectosil® DRY CIT, the first solid mass modifier for corrosion protection of concrete is a free-flowing powder which shows excellent wetting properties during processing. 

Protectosil® DRY CIT is a highly efficient, water redispersible powdery corrosion inhibitor based on Multifunctional Silane Systems™ for cementitious building materials.

Protectosil® DRY CIT

Protectosil® DRY CIT is easily dispersible in concrete mixtures and easy to process without requiring special after-treatment.

Protectosil® DRY CIT does not influence the surface appearance and the color of the concrete. As a free-flowing powder, it is easily dispersible in concrete mixtures. It is innocuous (ChemG) and reduces the uptake of water significantly.

This scientifically proven corrosion control makes Protectosil® DRY CIT the product of choice for repairing structures that have already been affected by corrosion. In new reinforced concrete structures, Protectosil® DRY CIT can, of course, considerably prolong the life of the structure and improve its resistance to corrosion, right from the start.

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