The history of Protectosil®


PROTECTOSIL® Water repellents, corrosion Control, anitgraffiti®, easy-to-clean products and crack sealers

These consistently reliable product groups belong to our portfolio.

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We have been researching, developing, and producing building protection products for more than 30 years. Some other milestones include:

  • 1968: Patented silanes as water repellents for concrete and masonry

  • 1969: First bridge deck treated

  • 1975: The name CHEM-TRETE is trademarked

  • 1977: First brick building treated

  • 1981: FHWA reports only silane penetrates concrete

  • 1986: Patented for water based silane, AQUA-TRETE

  • 1987: First 100% silane treated structure

  • 1996: First surface applied corrosion inhibitor introduced

  • 2001: Antigraffiti treatment introduced

  • 2006: Ultra low (<100 g/l) water repellent

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