Protectosil® tackles graffiti problems

We have an environmentally friendly solution for undesired graffiti attacks

Contamination by graffiti looks not only scruffy on facades: prevention and remove are a difficult task, since both the smeared buildings and graffiti scribbles consist of different materials. Evonik Resource Efficiency offers the almost VOC-free, environmentally friendly, water- and oil repellent Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® to protect porous mineral undergrounds efficiently and durably against graffiti. 

Paints, markers and coatings can be easily removed with our Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® systems. They cannot penetrate into the pores of the building structure so that tags simply run off the surface and the sprayer becomes frustrated. Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® is UV- and weathering resistant and authorized by BASt (German Federal Highway Research Institute).Paintings and signatures cannot adhere to the surface even during their application. The product is ready to use and has to be applied on the clean surface. The invisible protective system protects against UV radiation and atmospheric influences, so that the water-vapor permeability of the substrate is retained. The building structure remains breathable.

Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® SP complements the product Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® as a spreadable, semi-permanent graffiti protection system.

The graffiti remover Protectosil® PROFICLEAN PLUS is used to treat mineral subtrates which were already coated with Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® and Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® SP. 


Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® is an aqueous, almost VOC-free silane system that protects porous mineral building material surfaces from graffiti.


Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® SP is an aqueous, almost VOC-free silane system that makes porous mineral building material surfaces hydro- and oleophobic.


Protectosil® PROFICLEAN PLUS was particularly designed for cleaning surfaces treated with Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI®. Spray colors, laquers, felt-tip or ball pen scribbling can be easily removed using Protectosil® PROFICLEAN PLUS.