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Protectosil® - invisible "protective Umbrella" for buildings

Our building protection products reduce energy and maintenance costs

In the field of building protection silanes give the materials a special degree of durability and resistance. And this is done without having an adverse effect on the function or major changes in the aesthetics of the building material. With various Protectosil® products, a perfect solution for almost every requirement can be realized – a solution which makes successful long-term investment possible.

Protectosil® water repellent molecules are small enough to penetrate the smallest pores of most substrates.

Water repellents make water simply drip off

Moisture is one of the main causes for construction damages. Protectosil® water repellent products penetrate deep into the substrate and keep water out, maintaining the substrate's water permeability.

Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® protects porous mineral undergrounds efficiently.

Graffiti control for perfectly clean facades

As spray paints run down immediately on application, the graffiti artist has more difficulties in completing his graffiti. The surfaces defaced by graffiti scribbles can be easily cleaned. Additionally Evonik’s ANTIGRAFFITI® systems are almost invisible and easily to use with short drying times.

Railway sleepers, corrosion control

With corrosion control on the right path to success

Increased service life and reduced maintenance cycles of steel reinforced concrete structures: our Protectosil® corrosion control products considerably extend the life of the structure and improve its resistance to corrosion, right from the start.

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Clean surfaces for perfect functionality and aesthetics

The Protectosil® SC product range keeps facades clean. Our Protectosil® products offer an ideal protection of mineral undergrounds like sandstone or concrete. The products are environmentally friendly and easily to use.

Stone consolidation, facade of a castle

Stone consolidation for beautiful buildings

Stones which have been crumbled by weather influences need a treatment with Protectosil® products to restore their mechanical properties.

Protectosil® treatment against corrosion, left side

Product finder and safety data sheets

Here you will find detailed product descriptions and the safety data sheets belonging to the products.