Water repellents - the trick is to keep water out

The penetration of moisture is the main cause for construction damage

Moisture is the root cause of almost all mechanisms that damage mineral building materials. Therefore, Protectosil® water repellents offer deep protection against the ingress of water and dissolved contaminants into the building structure, thus preventing damages. In addition to a clearly extended service life and a permanent representative look of buildings, Evonik’s professional building protection systems help reduce maintenance, repair and energy costs.

Water repellents, water drops on a wall

Water is keeping out with Protectosil® water repellent products.

The porous nature of many substrates allows water and dissolved contaminants to penetrate via capillary suction into the pores. This may cause various problems such as corrosion of reinforcing steel, salt burst, or freezethaw damage. There is no doubt that by preventing water ingress into a structure, damage is drastically reduced.

Treatment with water repellents – called „hydrophobation“ - using Protectosil® building protection products is unique. Protectosil® water repellent products penetrate deep into the substrate. They keep water out and maintain the substrate‘s water vapor permeability.

Very alkaline substrates like concrete can be protected for a long period of time. Protectosil® water repellents meet the requirements of EN 1504-2 and have been tested according to NHWA #244.

We will show you In the video how protectosil® water repellents protect the building structure.
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