Invisible and extraordinary durable

protectosil® Surface Protection

PROTECTOSIL® products maintain functionality and AESTHETICS of buildings

Private and public buildings must be considered in the light of their functionality and representative appearance. The Protectosil® SC product portfolio offers ideal solutions for the protection of porous substrates such as concrete or sandstone. The products are environmentally friendly and easy to use.

The Protectosil® SC product range keeps facades clean and protects against algae and moss, water, stains and pollutants. This invisible, aqueous surface protection solution is oil- and grease-repellent, weathering and UV-stable as well as water vapor permeable, hydro- and oleophobic. Protectosil® SC products do not form tacky silicone resin films. The surface appearance will remain unchanged. The almost VOC-free Protectosil® SC product range is designed for every customer requirement. As the products have a modular design, most of them can be combined with each other to achieve optimal results.

We will show you in the video how facades are optimally protected against environmental influences like Rain, Snow, grime, oil, exhaust gases and microorganisms.
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