Protectosil® ensures safety through corrosion control

Corrosion protection with Protectosil® is scientifically proven

Protectosil® products for corrosion control increase the service life of buildings and reduce maintenance costs of steel reinforced concrete.

Over time reinforcing steel can corrode and rust, leading to a weakening of the structure if expensive repairs are not undertaken. The key to successful protection of valuable building structures is to stop water and chloride ions from entering the substrate. 


Protectosil® CIT does the job. In the case of already corroding structures Protectosil® CIT is the ideal solution. Protectosil® CIT builds a deep and long-lasting barrier because it penetrates into the substrate, hydrophobizes the concrete and passivates the steel rebar. Protectosil® CIT effectively reduces corrosion under the conditions of the ASTM G-109 procedure.

Protectosil® DRY CIT, a white free-flowing powder, is an admixed corrosion inhibitor. Protectosil® DRY CIT has been honored with numerous awards and is the first solid concrete additive for corrosion protection of reinforced concrete.

Protectosil® WA CIT is a waterborne emulsion which is based on a multifunctional silane system specially designed to protect embedded steel rebars against corrosion caused by chlorides.

We will show you in the video how protectosil® CIT protects reinforced concrete structures against corrosion.
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