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Protectosil® has made a name for itself over the past decades due to its outstanding product quality standards, unbeatable technical service and the deep knowledge of customers' needs.

Hang Zhou Bay Bridge, China

Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China

We have been researching, developing and producing silanes in the building protection area for more than 30 years. With various Protectosil® products, a perfect solution for almost every requirement can be realized - a solution which makes successful long-term investment possible.

Protectosil® building protection products are well known and valued as water repellents, easy-to-clean, anti-graffiti and corrosion protection products. The range of Protectosil® products provides the perfect solution for almost every material, from concrete and bricks to natural stone, sandstone, marble, granite and render.

The latest reference objects were the Manifah Causeway in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in China.