corrosion control

Protectosil® counteracts the corrosion mechanism

Whether you’re protecting parking garages, bridges or buildings, the benefits of using Protectosil® corrosion control products include the extension of service life and the reduction of maintenance costs simultaneously. Infrastructure buildings, such as bridges and traffic arteries can especially benefit due to reduced need for future roadwork.

The protection allows major savings for both public and privately owned buildings, bridges, and car parks.
Corrosion protection with Protectosil® is scientifically proven. In addition to increasing service life and durability to new reinforced concrete structures, it is also suitable for repair and maintenance of building structures that have already been damaged.

Corrosion control of new and existing structures

Protectosil® CIT is a virtually solvent-free surface applied product for corrosion protection of steel reinforced concrete and proven to mitigate corrosion in new and existing structures.

Protectosil® CIT dramatically reduces the chloride induced corrosion of steel concrete reinforcement via reaction of active material with the cement phase and the steel surface.

Corrosion protection additives as concrete admixtures

Protectosil® WA CIT protects especially steel reinforced concrete, shotcrete and prefabricated concrete elements against chloride induced corrosion. The product is homogeneously distributed throughout the concrete and reduces its drying shrinkage.

Corrosion protection additive for Dry mix mortar

Protectosil® DRY CIT is a corrosion protection additive for dry mortar formulations, especially concrete repair mortar for corrosion protection of reinforced concrete. It has been honored with numerous awards.

Protectosil® DRY CIT is a white free-flowing powder, especially suited for concrete repair and used for structures such as parking decks, facades, balconies, walkways, piers, bridge decks, beams, columns, and other steel reinforced concrete structures.

Protectosil® WA CIT, a water-borne emulsion, especially designed to protect embedded steel rebars against corrosion caused by chlorides, is preferably suited for the protection of building materials that are exposed to high chloride environments, such as marine constructions, harbors, parking areas, tunnels or highways.