Protection of your investments

Protectosil® building protection products protect buildings from deterioration by harmful influences. With various Protectosil® products, a perfect solution for almost every requirement can be realized - a solution which makes successful long-term investment possible. And this is done without having an adverse effect on the function or major changes in the aesthetics of the building material.

The porous structure of building materials allows water, and the pollutants dissolved in it, to penetrate easily into the interior of the building. Dissolved salts and pollutants penetrate into the pores via capillary suction. This causes corrosion of reinforcing steel, salt burst and efflorescence. In cold weather conditions further damage is caused by freeze-thaw effects. Prevention of water penetration by Protectosil® water repellents protects against, for example, efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage. The superior long-lasting performance of Protectosil® products is the reason that well-known buildings all over the world are successfully protected with Protectosil®.

Main Benefits

  • Increased service life 
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Permanent representative appearance
  • Elongated maintenance cycles
  • Efficient energy management 


Protection measure

An investment of only <1% of the total maintenance costs into a preventive PROTECTOSIL® protection can lead to massive cost saving of >50%.

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Infrastructure projects can especially benefit due to reduced need for future roadwork, which results in less traffic and costs to maintain the structure. Silane-based bridge protection ensures a safe and efficient road infrastructure. Truck traffic and goods transport are a significant factor in the global economy. A sustainable and safe infrastructure of bridges keeps the traffic flowing. Protectosil® can greatly help bridges that are particularly large or that are frequently traveled, by reducing the rate of repairs necessary. 

Protectosil® protects from

  • Corrosion of reinforcing steel
  • Efflorescence
  • Salt burst and sulfate attack
  • Freeze-thaw damage
  • Acid rain attack
  • Algae, mildew, and moss
  • Graffiti