Corrosion Inhibitors for a long life of steel reinforced concrete structures

Surface applied and admixed products for new concrete and restoration projects

Corrosion of steel reinforced concrete structures is a major expense for private and public buildings, bridges or parking decks.  This makes it all the more important to prevent corrosion of the rebars, which could undermine the  mechanical stability of the structure. 

Railway sleepers, corrosion control

Many public and private experts estimate the cost of repairing corrosion related damage in billions of dollars per year. Protectosil® CIT protects steel reinforced concrete by interrupting the corrosion mechanism. Even in concrete exposed to high corrosion conditions, Protectosil® CIT has proven its effectiveness.

Protectosil® CIT comes in two forms
  • Protectosil® CIT - liquid surface applied treatment which can be used on new concrete and restoration projects.

  • Protectosil® DRY CIT - powder admixture for new construction and repair mortars.

how it works