Protectosil® products protect your buildings

Protectosil® building protection products secure your buildings and your investments.


With our Protectosil® products you gain:

  • Increased service life

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Attractive appearance

  • A more durable structure

  • Energy savings 

In cold weather conditions further damage is caused by freeze-thaw effects. Protectosil® prevents water ingress that helps against damage to buildings. The superior performance of Protectosil® is the reason that well-known buildings throughout the world are protected with Protectosil®. Our products prevent:  

  • Corrosion of reinforcing steel

  • Efflorescence

  • Salt burst and sulfate attack

  • Freeze-thaw damage

  • Acid rain attack

  • Algae, mildew, and moss

  • Graffiti

Graffiti spraying

Prevention as well as removal of graffiti are done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively with our Protectosil® products.

Moisture is the root cause of almost all mechanisms that damage mineral building materials. Dissolved salts and pollutants penetrate into the pores via capillary suction. This causes corrosion of reinforcing steel, salt burst and efflorescence.

Corrosion, Protectosil® products protect against corrosion

Silane-based corrosion protection systems such as Protectosil® CIT protect reinforced concrete structures against damage and deterioration.